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Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on simple software and hardware. It is intended for use by both non-technical and technical users for a variety of projects, from creating interactive art to prototyping new technology. The hardware consists of a microcontroller board and a development environment for writing software for the board. The software, or firmware, is written in C++ and is uploaded to the board using a USB connection. The Arduino platform is widely used for projects involving robotics, internet of things (IoT), and home automation.

Arduino boards are equipped with a variety of inputs and outputs, including digital and analog pins, as well as support for various communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, and serial communication. This allows the boards to interact with a wide range of sensors, actuators, and other devices. The development environment for Arduino includes a code editor, a compiler, and a programmer, making it easy for users to write, test, and upload code to the board.

The Arduino community has created a wide range of libraries and example code for various tasks and applications, making it easy for users to get started with their projects. Additionally, the wide availability of low-cost, pre-assembled Arduino boards and shields (boards that plug into an Arduino board to add functionality) allows users to easily incorporate advanced functionality into their projects without the need for extensive knowledge of electronics.

Arduino boards are also popular in education, as they provide a hands-on way to learn about programming, electronics and control systems.

Overall, Arduino is a versatile and user-friendly platform that is well-suited to a wide range of projects and applications, making it a great choice for hobbyists, students, and professionals alike.

1 - Home Automation: Arduino can be used to control lights, appliances, and other devices in a home automation system. This can be done using sensors to detect motion, temperature, and other conditions, as well as control devices using relay switches.

2 - Robotics: Arduino can be used to control the motors, sensors, and other components of a robot, allowing for the creation of a wide range of robotic projects, from simple line-following robots to more advanced robots that can navigate and avoid obstacles.

3 - Internet of Things (IoT): Arduino can be used to connect devices to the internet, allowing for remote monitoring and control of devices. This can include things like monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental data, and controlling appliances and devices remotely.

4 - Interactive art: Arduino can be used to create interactive art installations that respond to user input or environmental conditions. This can include things like LED light displays, sound installations, and kinetic sculptures.

5 - Automated control systems: Arduino can be used to control and automate industrial processes, like controlling a machine or monitoring a production line. This can be done by reading sensor data, controlling motors and actuators and implementing control algorithms to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.


Arduino PM2.5 laser dust sensor Air Quality digital universal particle concentration sensor IO expansion shield 49.00 49.00 +detail

RCmall 5pcs SGP40 Air Quality Sensor MOX Gas Sensor I2C VOC Index For STEMMA QT / Qwiic for Arduino Raspberry Pi Linux 3.3V-5V 48.99 48.99 +detail

Arduino bionic eye programmable mobile robot intelligent open source creative invention 49.00 49.00 +detail

EQV MEGA 2560 Project The Most Complete Starter Kit for Arduino Mega2560 Nano with LCD1602 IIC / Ultrasonic Sensor / Tutorial 50.99 50.99 +detail

Original Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers WIFI BLUE ABX00053,Support Arduino IDE / Micropython 49.00 49.00 +detail

Original Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers WIFI BLUE ABX00053,Support Arduino IDE / Micropython 49.00 49.00 +detail

RCmall 20Pcs AHT15 Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor Humidity Accuracy ±2%RH (25℃) for Arduino 48.97 48.97 +detail

Yoko Factory Embedded 2D Barcode Scanner Module Kiosk Arduino Barcode Scan Engine TTL Small QR PDF417 Code Barcode Scanner Modul 48.99 48.99 +detail

NUCLEO-F411RE STM32 Nucleo-64 Development Board Arduino ST morpho 70.00 49.00 +detail

NUCLEO-F103RB STM32 Nucleo-64 Development Board Arduino ST morpho 70.00 49.00 +detail

10pcs DHT11 LM35 Temperature Humidity Sensor Multifunction Expansion Board Adapter RGB LED IR Receiver Buzzer I2C For Arduino 48.99 48.99 +detail

Free shipping! New WeiKedz Super Starter Learning Kit for Arduino With MEGA 2560R3 + CD 48.99 48.99 +detail

Original Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers WIFI BLUE ABX00053,Support Arduino IDE / Micropython 49.00 49.00 +detail

10~100 PCS MAX1240ACSA SOP-8 Semiconductor Analog-to-Digital Converter-ADC IC Chip with for module arduino Free Shipping MAX1240 48.96 48.96 +detail

20Pcs I2C Interface FM Radio Transmitter Module V2.0 Digital Radio Transmitter Board for Arduino TTL MIC VCC SDA SCL 3V 5V 48.99 48.99 +detail

Genuino 101 arduino DEV-13788 Development Boards & Kits - x86 49.00 49.00 +detail

1Pcs New 100% Original STM32H743ZGT6 LQFP-144 Arduino Nano Integrated Circuits Operational Amplifier Single Chip Microcomputer 70.00 49.00 +detail

Portable Bluetooth MIDI Synthesizer Electric Music Board Controller Professional Arranger Keyboard for Arduino 49.00 49.00 +detail

Keyestudio Microbit V2.0 4WD Mecanum Robot Car With Python Language Programming System For Smart DIY Car Dedicated To Micro:bit 72.05 48.99 +detail

1PCS 175 Audio IC Development Tools Music & Sound add-on Pack for Arduino 49.00 49.00 +detail

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